The Godhead

To answer the claim: Jesus is not a God and the Holy Spirit is only the breath of God

This false doctrine has been flying around the church for some years now. But it's nothing new at all. It is easily combated and praise God, all that are sincere seekers of the truth, the following Scriptures and studies are all that's needed to bring them back onto the path of truth.

When approached by someone that says Jesus isn't a God or the Holy Spirit is just the "breath" of God or "thought process" of the Father and the Son, show them the following passage.

  • 1 John 5:7, "For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one."

Quite often, if the one that has been lured off the path is a Bible believer and one that loves to read the Word of God daily, this passage usually ends it. If not, there are other verses listed below that may help.

If the one you are sharing with says 1 John 5:7 shouldn't be in the Bible, as many of the leaders in this heretical movement have been claiming this to be the case, not only are they agreeing with the Vatican who also says 1 John 5:7 should be removed and was instrumental in getting it removed alone with thousands of other verses from the NIV, NASB and other bogus bibles, they have no been exposed by an brand new archeological find that "some" tried to purchase and hide that proves 1 John 5:7 was in fact in the ancient manuscripts. Click the link below for more info and a video that shows the manuscript as well as the man that paid $30,000 to get that manuscript into safe keeping.

If the one questioning the Holy Spirit or Jesus being a God still denies the truth, there are other in depth studies you can try listed below.

If the one you're sharing with actually reads these studies, and I say that because some people will approach you that never read Bibles. They only echo the words of lying pastors and preachers. You can usually tell by how quickly they respond using twisted passages from the Word of God. Usually, it's the babes in Christ that have not yet gained an effective handle on the Word that are approached by Satan's cohorts and if you have known them for some time you will know by the way they suddenly have all sorts of Bible verses (that have been used by many before them) proving they are not the one answering your questions. They are relaying your Bible proofs to their new found leader in the faith who is well versed in the satanic art if Bible twisting who is coaching them. If you notice that happening, send them the following study which is also a video that shows who started this lie and why.

If your friend is still going back and forth with you and still refuses to see the truth in all this, and if you feel they will actually read more studies, send them the following that ,any make them see the satanic fingerprints all over their new found theology.

If your friend is an ex-SDA or a recent convert into the SDR church and they know Ellen White is in fact a prophect, (get them to admit it before sending this) then share the quotes listed in the link below.

If after sharing all this and they still refuse to see the truth, then you must walk away. You have done all you can and Ephesians 5:11 cleary says you must "have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them." Continue to pray for them and perhaps one day they will see the light of truth and join you on the path towards New Jersualem. Until then, the Lord needs you to move on to help others that may need to hear what you have to share. If you waste all your efforts on one who refuses to see (as Satan wants you to do) you cannot be very effective for Jesus and His long prophesied mission for the last days and He will seek someone else to help Him finish the work.

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