#23. Prophecy declares that Spiritual Babylon will consist of a body (not an individual) that was once Biblically pure, but has become corrupted with doctrinal error [fallen into apostasy]. The papacy [Roman Catholic Church] is the antichrist of the Bible prophecy; it was the great persecuting power of the Middle [Dark] Ages and will again, in partnership with apostate Protestantism [fallen Christian churches], persecute God's saints at the end of time. It is the change of the true seventh day Sabbath to the counterfeit Sunday, and the many pagan and unbiblical teachings that she has introduced to Christendom that denotes her as modern, spiritual Babylon. Spiritual Babylon is also the mother of Harlots [apostate Protestantism: fallen Christian churches]. ANY church, denomination, organization, fellowship, group, etc… which has at least one unrepentant character trait of Spiritual Babylon such as: the immortality of the soul, the eternal torment of the wicked, the denial of the pre-existence of Christ prior to His birth in Bethlehem, the abolishing of the Law of God, ‘Original Sin’ (being born a sinner), advocating and exalting the first day of the week above God’s holy, sanctified day (the seventh day known as the Sabbath), and kindred errors which cannot be substantiated from the Scriptures; is a daughter to the great whore and is leading people to be sealed in their sins resulting in death and Hell. (1 John 4:2,3; Dan. 2:40, 41; 7:7, 8, 20-25; 11:31, 36-39, 45; Rev. 12; 13:1-8; 17; 18:23, 24)